This Is About You

Hey! Thanks For Stopping. Ask Wize Owl Is Really About You. We Want To Do Something Good Together.

Mission statement.

Our Mission Is To Be Good To Each Other with mutual respect, Help Others By Simple Acts of kindness, Love People And Love of God. Spread Truth, Knowledge, Empowerment, Hope & Build Positive Faith.

Our story.

Ask Wize Owl Was A After Thought Of What Can I Do To Help You Be A Better Person While Doing Something Fulfilling and wholesome without judgement or hinderance while expressing my right to be free.

How This evolved.

While In The Philippines With My Lovely Wife And Family, Ask Wize Owl Was Conceived While I was Sleep, I wanted to offer products and services that people actually need to better themselves. Bringing honest Good Solutions To Them without being pushy or so you can make an informed decision with quality info about products and services, I want to spread good knowledge and insights that can be found on the internet.

My State your ‘aha!’ moment.

I Said Why Not Start My Own Blog, Why Not? It’s Something That Can Actually Work For All Of Us. So Here It Is, My Aha Moment.

Here At Ask Wize Owl We Serve You.

This Is For You, I Serve You because you make Ask Wize Owl Is a force for good that gives back to others. I am pleased with the outcome and accomplishments. It’s all because of you and your support.

I Thank God Your my subscribers and visitors who make the big difference in my life and others.

What You’ll Receive.

You’ll gain fun knowledge and interesting subjects and viable solutions to issues that people need to have a better quality of life with a genuine approach.

Core Values.

You The People are the true Cor Value, Plus I want to be involved In A Good Cause And Serve You To The Best of my Ability. Be Good To You and Show My Love And Respect for all people.

Why You Want To Subscribe.

You Don’t Want To Miss Out on Contest, Giveaways And New Solutions That Hit The Scene and That Are only available to subscribers!

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